• Naturally sourced ingredients
    for Audiclean Spray and Wax

Are you aware that inserting cotton buds into your ear can cause long-term damage?

Your ears are delicate, and while a small cotton bud may look harmless, it can do a lot of damage to the fragile tissues inside your ear. Cotton buds often push wax further into your ear, causing more of a problem.

Rather than keeping your ear clean, by using cotton buds you could damage your ear and even cause an infection. Fortunately, Audiclean offers a safer and gentler way to clean your ears at home with our range of effective products that use only naturally sourced ingredients.

Did you know?

Ear wax helps lubricate our ears. However, excess wax buildup can
increase the chance of painful infections and even cause temporary hearing loss

Audiclean softens & eliminates excess ear wax without the use of harsh solvents

Our team has developed a solution that cleans gently without damaging your ear. Audiclean products' sterile formulation of isotonic seawater is pH balanced and free of preservatives, gas propellant and ‘freeze’ effect. Naturally sourced ingredients leave ears refreshingly clean and clear.

What exactly is ear wax?

Everyone has ear wax. Sweat glands inside the outer ear canal produce it to protect the ear canal and eardrum from foreign materials. It is made up of a mixture of skin exfoliation and secretions sebaceous and ceruminous glands, fatty acids, minerals and skin proteins.

There are three types of wax:

  • Semi-liquidconsistencytypically found in children and babies
  • Solidconsistencytypically found in adults and the elderly
  • Hardconsistencyalso found mainly in adults and the elderly

Our range of products work
together to care for your ears

Naturally sourced ingredients leave ears refreshingly clean and clear.

Swimmer's Ear

Use to

Prevent and relieve symptoms of swimmer’s ear

Audiclean Swimmer's Ear prevents and relieves symptoms of swimmers ear - fast acting and quick drying! And our dispenser provides even greater effectiveness.

Suitable for
Adults & children aged from 2 years


  • Our unique micro mist spray ensures complete coverage without damaging your sensitive ear drum, and doesn’t contain nasties like acetic acid
  • The solution mixes with trapped water and evaporates, leaving you with clean, dry ears in just a few minutes
  • Suitable for the whole family from the age of 2, and there’s no need to tilt your head while it works

Ear Cleansing Wash

Use to

Lightly cleanse

Our ear cleansing wash is a safer alternative to cotton buds, and can be used by the whole family to keep ears clean and healthy. The gentle spray washes away dirt and excess ear wax using a unique seawater solution from St Malo, France which contains over 80 natural minerals.

Suitable for
Adults & children aged from 6 months


  • The nozzle will adapt to the shape of your ear and should be comfortable to insert
  • It takes less than 30 seconds to clean both ears, and you can use the spray in your daily shower or bath as part of your hygiene routine
  • For a really deep cleanse, simply leave the solution in your ear for longer (up to 10 minutes) before draining

Ear Wax Remover

Use for

Stubborn excess wax buildup

For some people, excessive ear wax build-up can become a problem, and that’s where our Ear Wax Remover comes in. This formula of naturally sourced ingredients detaches and dissolves wax from the ear, then protects with natural antiseptic eucalyptus.

Suitable for
Adults & children aged from 3 years


  • The soft nozzle allows you to easily fill the ear, then leave the solution to act for 25 minutes
  • After the solution has softened the wax you can rinse your ear using warm water or Audiclean Ear Cleansing Wash for better results
  • For both adults (including the elderly) and children

Another Ear Fact

Audiclean is suitable for just about everyone

  • Anyone That Uses Earbuds, Earplugs Or Hearing Aids
  • Children who have smaller ear canals, and may be prone to swimmer’s ear and infections
  • Elderly people with excess and/or dry ear wax
  • People who work in dusty and dirty environments
  • Swimmers, divers and people who spend time in water
  • Anyone with a substantial amount of ear hair

One last fact

Hearing loss can occur when wax is pushed back toward the eardrum.
Ear wax is actually the most common cause of temporary hearing loss

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